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Wild Hearts Equine Therapy Derby Day Fundraiser

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Recently, the Wilhite House hosted a fundraiser for Wild Hearts Equine Therapy, which is based in Seneca, SC. With scrumptious catering by Grits & Groceries, wonderful Bourbon tasting and auction, and a remarkable race-day finish, Derby Day was a great success! Thanks to The Moyer family and Brian Wilson for hosting the first ever Derby Day Fundraiser at the Wilhite House.

The Wild Hearts Equine Therapeutic Center supports disabled and underprivileged youth in our community by providing them with the chance to spend time with horses. Here is one testimonial from a young lady named Katrina:

"It was May of 2020. I was going through a really hard time emotionally. I had the worst anxiety I have ever had in my life. I had never been a person for therapy, but I knew I needed something to help with my anxiety.

Then I saw a post about Wild Hearts. I looked into the type of farm it was and thought that it could be interesting and maybe even helpful. I had rode horses a lot when I was a child and really enjoyed them. So I decided I was at least going to try to get into the program. I was so anxious and then I finally built up the courage and got it arranged to come onto the farm and meet some horses.

As soon as I stepped foot on the farm I knew this was an amazing place and I had to be here. I got to meet all of the horses and Caroline, who became my facilitator. Caroline was very supportive and wanted to get to know me and my needs as soon as she met me. She told me that Wild Hearts was an amazing place and that I would be a great fit for the program.

I started off my journey working with Scout. He is the rambunctious horse of the farm so it seemed like a great fit. He and Caroline helped me be more sure of myself, outgoing, comfortable, and overall happy. I could tell that Scout was able to feel what I needed from him and helped me every time I came on the farm. It didn't matter what was going on; once I got to working with him my mood would change for the better. He helped me through some really anxious times.

I even got to help him through some challenging times of his own. Caroline showed me along the way several techniques on how to connect with him and how to work better with him. He and I were having a great time. We were working great together. Then sadly Scout got taken out of the program, which was the best thing for him. However that meant I was having to meet a new horse after working with Scout for a whole year.

Leaving Scout was bittersweet because that's what brought me to meeting Kit. But Kit helped me in even more ways! I was so anxious about the change but it was almost seamless. As soon as I met Kit I was sure this was for the best and that Kit was the perfect horse for me at Wild Hearts. She is such a gentle, outgoing, and headstrong horse. Kit and I have helped each other through a lot of rough times. I am able to watch as she changes for the better after each session. Each session I have learned something new and have found a new outlook on how to help cope with my anxiety. No matter if I'm riding Kit or just grooming her during my session I always get the one on one time I need that day. Each time her and Caroline have helped me get through my week.

I have gained so many coping skills since starting at Wild Hearts. Every time I'm on the farm I have a sense of peace. It is almost like I have no anxiety when I am there. Wild Hearts has been a whole other world for me over the past 2 years. I have gone through some very rough times that I do not know how I would've handled them without the help of everyone on the farm. I've loved that the Wild Hearts team, Caroline, Scout, and Kit have been able to help me through so much. They have been very understanding and very attentive to what I've needed. Thank you to the Wild Hearts team and horses for helping so many people just like they have me!" ~ Katrina

Thank you for participating in the Derby Day fundraiser at the Wilhite House!

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