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What Is A Bridal Shower?

A Bridal Shower is a very common practice amongst families now as a way to celebrate the engagement and impending marriage of a loved one. This tradition dates back to the 16th century according to some accounts!

When Did Bridal Showers Begin?

According to some historians, the idea commonly known as a bridal, or wedding, shower began in the 16th century in Belgium. During this time, it was tradition for the father of the bride to offer a monetary gift, a dowry, to the groom. The dowry was used as a persuasion method and also as a means for the new couple to begin their new life, but if the father of the bride did not approve of the partnership he could choose to withhold his gift.

According to historians, there was a woman in 16th century Belgium who fell in love with a village miller. The miller was a generous man who gave much of his money to the poor, which led the man to being poor himself. The woman wanted to marry the poor village miller, but her father wanted her to marry the richest man in town and threatened to withhold her dowry if she disobeyed his wishes. When the villagers, whom the village miller had been kind to, heard of this they came together and “showered” her with hundreds of small gifts which, in the end, amounted to more than her dowry.

In more recent years, Americans began the practice of gift giving to brides in the 1930s. Upper middle class families took on this tradition with middle and lower-middle class following suit in the following years. Bridal showers are less steeped in tradition so Brides and their planning committees are able to be more creative with this celebration! Some incorporate games, quizzes about their own interests and creative party favors into their party.

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