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Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas and Themes

These Wedding Anniversary themes date back to the Middle Ages! The material of each gift is meant to symbolize the strengthening of your relationship as the years pass. The more sturdy the gift ideas are, the stronger your bond is with your partner!

First Anniversary Party - Paper

Paper is meant to show the fragility of the first year of marriage as you become accustomed to life with your partner. Even though paper is delicate, when properly cared for it will last a lifetime!

10- Year Anniversary Party - Aluminum or Tin

Aluminum and tin do not rust or wear down. Their flexibility is a symbol of the flexibility a marriage requires.

20-Year Anniversary Party - China

China symbolizes the care one must take with a relationship as the nature of being in love is fragile. Like China, a relationship must be treated carefully in order not to break.

25- Year Anniversary Party - Sterling Silver

25 years is known as the “Silver Anniversary” as many see spending a quarter of a century in love worth celebrating with a precious and valuable metal.

30-Year Anniversary Party - Pearl

Hidden within an oyster deep in the sea, you will find something very precious. Pearls are chosen to represent the hidden beauty of a long-lasting union that reveals a maturity within itself.

35-Year Anniversary Party - Coral

Coral is believed to have healing powers that shield you from harm much like how the love you have for your partner protects your union with one another. That is why it is chosen for your 35th anniversary.

40-Year Anniversary Party - Ruby

Rubies, with their vibrant red color, are believed to possess a flame that never dies, similar to the love and commitment partners share after 40 years of marriage.

45-Year Anniversary Party - Sapphire

Associated with royalty, Sapphires are used to indicate the longevity of your marriage much like the longevity of a royal family’s rule.

50-Year Anniversary Party - Gold

Known as the “Golden Anniversary”, the 50th Anniversary party is celebrated with gold. This precious metal shows the prosperity and strength of such a long-standing union.

55-Year Anniversary Party - Emerald

Emerald signifies true love, devotion, and adoration, making them a very popular anniversary theme.

60-Year Anniversary Party - Diamond

For your 60th anniversary, it's time to go all out! Diamonds are a traditional go-to for such a significant milestone for marriage. This stone represents unconquerable and enduring love.

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