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Six Wedding Trends Of 2022

Wedding season - A few beautiful months filled with love and happiness. Among the happiness, weddings can be hard to plan and very time-consuming. Here are the biggest wedding trends of this year to kick off your wedding plans!

Unique Guest Experience

A fun guest experience is what any couple wants for their wedding and with these trends, your guests are bound to have a blast!

  • Bouncy houses at weddings have become big on social media, with so many companies offering big white bouncy houses to keep everything fun and your guests entertained!

  • An amazing and entertaining way of making your guest laugh is creating a couples quiz! The best thing about a quiz like this is it can be between a married couple or an activity for everyone!

  • Another great way to bring some fun, beautiful, and memorable moments into your wedding is to have a live painter capture a beautiful moment! This is a beautiful memento of your perfect day and is something you can take home and keep forever!

  • Having an unusual guest book is a way to have something cool and fun to always remember your wedding by. Many people have been getting corn hole boards signed so they can always have a fun reminder of their wedding!

  • A crazy and edgy wedding idea is to have a tattoo artist at your wedding, so everyone can have little small tattoos as a permanent reminder of your amazing day!

Bridgerton- Inspired Weddings

The eighth century was a regal time of kings, queens, balls, knights, and fantasy. The fashion of the big ballgowns and tight corsets was magical - and this year it is all coming back! Thanks to the new show aired on Netflix called Bridgerton, it has now become many brides' fantasies for their big days to be a trip back in time. With large flower arrangements on the floors and lining the ballroom ceiling, this grand event has taken many people by storm, giving every bride her fantasy as a little girl of being a princess on her special day!

The Wilhite House, built in 1858, boasts tall sweeping staircases, vaulted ceilings, impressive period furniture, ornate fixtures, and original woodwork to immerse guests in an elegant and grand wedding.

The New Color trends

Color themes! With the average being white, gold, and beige. A Lot of people have started to steer away from the normal colors. Many people are going to the greens for a more forest and earthy-themed wedding, but the colors that have exploded this year are brighter and darker! With black themed wedding plays on the more sophisticated side, to the popular terracotta color scheme to follow a more boho and western style of wedding. Another popular color scheme is called “jewel.” This color scheme has a lot of deep blues, purples, and pinks and it leans toward the darker colors but in a fun and creative way!

Intimate Weddings

Backyard weddings! Doing a wedding in a special place, such as your grandmother's backyard, or a small piece of land someone in your family may own, is always more sentimental than a large venue and saves you a TON of money. Venues can be expensive, and within that price may include a ton of amenities that you don't necessarily need or want. However, if you are looking for an intimate wedding with amenities included to make your special day less stressful, historic buildings such as ours offer a dreamy spot for a small wedding.

Social Media is blowing up right now with people going to thrift stores and finding all kinds of antique drinking glasses, champagne flutes, plates, silverware, and candle holders. All of the different colors and mismatching sets are super beautiful. Don’t like the mismatching? Nothing a little spray painting can’t fix! Gold, matte white, or matte black, have been some super popular colors we’ve been seeing with these projects. We are excited to see what colors fall will bring!

Another budget-friendly, intimate wedding hack we have been seeing all over TikTok is buying your flowers from Trader Joe's! They have fresh, beautiful, CHEAP flowers for your special day. And it gives you a chance to place everything perfectly where you would like it!


Pearls have been around for many years when it comes to weddings, there are even many superstitions about them! One folklore says pearls bring a joyful marriage like a blessing from the seas.

Pearls are often associated with the rich and royal and who wouldn't want to feel like a princess on her special day? As Princess Diana brought the pearls trend back in the twentieth century, they have now made their way back into the wedding scene. Pearls are being sprinkled all over weddings this year. From the sheer elbow-length gloves that have small, dainty pearls all over them, to the beautiful, long veils covered in pearls - we’re LOVING the details.

Not So White Wedding

Here comes the bride, all dressed in - black? Yes, the new trend is black wedding dresses. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those that can rock it, ROCK IT. Going against tradition in a beautiful black wedding dress has become a big social media trend this year! Black wedding dresses have many good qualities, these dresses can be worn again to fancy events. Black dresses are easier to keep clean! Is your wedding outdoors? Have no fear because black dresses are very hard to stain and ruin because of their deep color! These dresses are also usually cheaper than the traditional white dress!

Located in the heart of Downtown Anderson, South Carolina, The Wilhite House offers the perfect wedding venue. We would love to take you on a tour so you can experience the grandeur of The Wilhite House in person!

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