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How to Pick a Wedding Planner in Five Simple Steps

Planning a wedding is one of the best but most stressful times in someone’s life. Rather than focusing on the happiest day of their life, brides and grooms find themselves stressing about the smallest details like flowers and seating charts. To help with planning, you may be considering a wedding planner for your big day. The question is, how do you know they’re the right planner for you?

In this blog, we put together five steps to help you pick your wedding planner!

Look at Their Online Presence.

When you're looking into finding a wedding planner, it is good to look at their online presence. Make sure you really dive into their social media and website, you want to make sure that their style really fits yours so that you can get the wedding you have been dreaming of.

Make Sure you Mesh in Person

You want to make sure that you and your wedding planner work well together because you will be spending a year together planning out your dream day. Having someone you connect with that knows what you do and don't like will help make that process easier for the both of you.

Check Out Their References

Talk to other people who have done weddings with the planner. You want to make sure that previous customers were satisfied with the planner, and they had good communication and problem solving skills in the past. You want a planner that when something goes wrong they don't stress out, and are calm and can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Look Through Their Contract Closely

We understand that the most boring thing to do is to read through pages and pages of a contract, but it is important to read the terms and conditions a wedding planner has. You want to make sure you understand the payment process and what is and is not included in the cost. Reading the contract ensures that you do not get any surprises during planning or on your special day.

Go Through Their Pricing Structure

Make sure you look through their pricing structure and how they plan on getting paid. They could either be charging a flat fee, base fee, or hourly rate. If it is a flat fee, they tell you everything that is included in the package. Make sure you are clear with your wedding planner at the start about your budget so neither of you get any surprises.

Let a wedding planner help you take the stress out of your wedding day! They can help you plan the wedding of your dreams at the Wilhite House in Anderson, South Carolina. Call us today for more information!

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