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7 Tips on How to Plan Your Corporate Holiday Party

Ready to start planning your corporate holiday party? The amount of planning that goes into throwing a holiday party to remember can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you plan your corporate holiday party in Anderson, South Carolina this year!

Set the Date

When setting a date for a corporate holiday party, you have to think about your employee's schedule and what would work best for most of the group. Also, consider what time you want the party to be. Will this be a work-hours party, an after-hours party, or a weekend party? You have to remember some people travel to see family during the holidays, so it is best to plan parties for early December or January.

Decide on the Type of Party

You have to know about what kind of party best suits your employees.

  • At-Work Party - An At-work Party has a high attendance and low cost, but you usually have to supply your own food and entertainment.

  • After-Hours Holiday Gathering - These are usually simple gatherings at a restaurant where the group goes to have dinner and maybe exchange gifts.

  • Weekend Party - These parties usually last longer and are at larger venues like the Wilhite House. They can be catered and typically have entertainment like presents, games, or bands.

Determine your Budget

Determining your budget early will help you decide where you will host your party and what you will do at your party. When looking at your budget, you have to think about what type of entertainment, the cost of that entertainment, and the amount of entertainment you're looking for.

Invite your colleagues

Invitations can be given any way your office communicates, but it is best to send them a month or two in advance, so you have an idea of how many people will be attending in case you get a caterer, and it will help you decide what size venue you will need. Think about if you want to allow plus ones or any details about the party you’d like them to be aware of ahead of time; this party invite is like a less formal wedding invitation.

Pick a Venue

After deciding how many people and what type of party you're having, you need to start looking at venues. There are many venues here in Anderson, South Carolina, but a lot are outdoors. Make sure when you're looking for a platform, you think about what you're planning for; whether it will be warm or cold outside, how many people will there be, how big is the entertainment, do you need space for a band? There are many factors to consider when looking into venues, and you will just have to find the right one near you. At the Wilhite House, we offer indoor and outdoor options for your party. We can set up a tent and tables outside with beautiful lights.

Plan a Holiday Menu

Regarding catering food, it is essential to estimate how many people you will have so you can plan accordingly. You have to also think about what type of food you want to serve. You can have a main course during the party so everyone can eat a full meal, but when you have a lot of people that can attend, it costs a lot. Instead, you can serve finger foods or appetizers where people just pick what they want, and there is no authentic meal in the party. You can also do a buffet, which is as filling as a main course, but everyone gets to eat the food when they want and choose what they get; this way, there is not a specific time everyone has to eat. We offer catering for any size party. We have menus from Grits and Groceries, Earle Street Kitchen, and Boulevard Catering.

Provide Entertainment

Keeping your guest entertained is an essential part of throwing a successful party. Depending on how many people you have will help you determine what type of entertainment you will need. It is always fun to do a secret Santa to get everyone in the Christmas spirit during the holiday season. If you have a big enough group, it is also a good idea to have a band or DJ to really spice up the party. The vital thing to consider is what your co-workers enjoy and what they will find the most fun.

Recognize Employees and Celebrate Success

When throwing a party, it is essential to celebrate your employees and recognize the work that they have done for the company over the last year. Looking back at the company's success and showing appreciation for everything and everyone shows people that they are important and cared for at the company.

Just like that, you have thrown the best holiday party your employees could have wanted! Check out the rest of our website to see if the Wilhite House is right for your next corporate event!

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